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About Us

About Trustee

My Self S.Sanjeevikumar residing at No : 8/110, Samathuvapuram, Chinnampatti, Kambiliampatti (Village), Dindigul East, Dindigul - 624 306, Tamilnadu. And Founder of the Dindigul Varahi Charitable Trust with an object of helping the poor community, providing pure water facility, helping economically week students, by providing educational support, creating self. Economic survival among the women's. I was in the social activity last 20 years in order to widening the social activity we started the Trust two years back.
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    The Beneficiaries of the Trust shall be the poor, men and women, children handicapped and any individual deserving the aid succor and upliftment without any distinction of caste, color, creed, sex or religion.


    • Donations Received.
    • Donations received from any individual, public charitable intuitions.
    • Donations/assistance received from Government.
    • Gifs received from public and institutions.
    • Voluntary contributions made with specific direction to form part of the corpus of the trust.
    • Properties including deposits.
    • The income derived from such property/deposits.
    • Foreign contribution/donations/gifts in the form of articles, currency whether India or Foreign security, subject to the provisions of foreign contribution (Regulation Act, 1956 and the rules framed hereunder).

    • To providing minimum Life Insurance coverage with Mediclaim to the poverty people across Tamilnadu.
    • To organize Medical Camp with the participation of familier Hospital in every month at remote areas across Tamilnadu.
    • Aimed to Educational Assistance to the Poor Students in rural and tribal areas in Tamilnadu.
    • To providing basic needs such as food, accomodation, school books and uniform to the poor childrens in rural and tribal areas in Tamilnadu.
    • To provinding Necessary for a school such as Furniture, Staionaries, Computer Accessories, Lab Equipments etc., where poor children are studying in remote areas all over Tamilnadu.
    • To create new entrepreneurs conducting Self Employment Scheme at rural and tribal areas in Tamilnadu.
    • To build awarness of Health and Social Concern among the People living below the poverty line in Tamilnadu.